Are You Giving It To Yourself?

Published on February 22, 2011 by Annetta Wilson

New Year's resolutions:  Promises we chain ourselves to, no matter what; choices we make that become inescapable bonds and iron-clad edicts.

How many times have you made a resolution at the beginning of a new year, only to wish later that you'd never set that intention?

What if it was okay that you didn't keep your promise?  What if the fact that you didn't keep it was perfect?  What if the things that happened, in spite of the promise, were exactly what should have happened?

The proof:  THEY SHOWED UP AND YOU'RE STILL HERE!  Give yourself credit for that.

We often get caught up in our 'story' about the things that don't go as planned.  We tell ourselves that we 'should' have done this or we 'ought' to have known better.   Rarely do we stop long enough to give ourselves credit for switching course, changing direction or rolling with the punches.

We hear the stories about tough times and doom and gloom.  And while it's true that we may have to make some changes we didn't anticipate, those changes don't have to define who we are.  Easier said than done?  Yes.  But it can be done.

Start making a list of what went RIGHT over the past 12 months.  Who came into your life and made it better?  Who walked away and made it better?  What did you learn about yourself that wouldn't have been possible except for the circumstances that showed up?  Who or what surprised you in an amazing way?

What do you absolutely know to be true?

What do I know?  I know that fear and worry can be paralyzing or mobilizing.  It depends on where your head is at the time.  I know that people are doing the best they can, even when they're not.   I know that the only moment change can happen is now.  Not yesterday or tomorrow, NOW.

I know that I've learned more than I thought possible over the past 12 months, met new people who have become treasured friends and lost people I will miss forever.   I've come to understand that just because something shows up that I don't like, doesn't mean I can't appreciate the lesson, eventually.

More than anything, I've learned to give myself credit for not giving up or giving in.  Sometimes, that's the difference between 12 months of regret or gratitude.  What kind of year will you choose?

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One Response

  1. hitokirihoshi

    you got very nice and inspirational post! If i'm going to remember the good things that happened for the past 10 months, i should be grateful and compliment myself. You know despite of some frustrations, I was able to do my goals that were long overdue and met people that i thought were hard to face.


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