Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

Published on January 25, 2011 by Annetta Wilson

It took me a long time to figure out what I would write to you to kick off the New Year.  I thought about writing something on making and keeping resolutions or perhaps ideas on how to communicate in a more positive way.

Then it hit me.  The first person who needs get more positive talk from you is YOU.

If you change nothing else this year, consider this: You don’t have to believe everything you think!

I’d like to take credit for this idea, but it landed in my lap during a seminar I recently attended in Los Angeles called ‘Master Your Mind’. It was one of the most powerful seminars I’ve ever attended.

The featured speakers and teachers focus their work on how we think, what it takes to make us happy and why we react to events and thoughts the way we do.

I’m a big believer in lifelong learning. The concentrated learning at seminars, not to mention the energy of like-minded people, is amazing.

One of the speakers brought the room to a standstill with the statement: “You don’t have to believe everything you think.”  WOW!

How often do you assume that every thought you think is ‘fact’?  How often do you act on those thoughts as if they were facts?  Well guess what?  If YOU came up with the thought, YOU can CHANGE the thought!

If you’re reacting like I did, you’re probably doing the one-handed slap right now (hitting your forehead with the palm of your hand) because this sounds too simple.  Yet, it is that simple.

Tip: The next time you think a negative thought, immediately stop it!  The instant the negative thought rises up, replace it with a completely different thought.

Your mind can only think one thought at a time.  You get to choose it.

This may take some practice. But, as with everything you’ve become good at, the more you do it, the more it will become second nature.  Pretty soon it will become a habit.

It’s a fascinating truth that your mind can’t tell the difference between a real event and an imagined one.  Your body reacts the same to both (ever been scared watching a horror movie?).

If you want some different outcomes in this year, think some different thoughts.  Your thoughts become your feelings. Your feelings lead to your actions. Your actions produce your results.

What do you THINK about that?

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One Response

  1. Kathy Condon

    When a negative thought comes up, another approach is think of something that feels better....In other words, I don't have enough money--I'm glad money is lining up to come my way.


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