Is That Really YOU?

Published on February 15, 2011 by Annetta Wilson

What if everything you thought you knew about yourself was false?

What if you were in situations that forced you to react in ways that totally surprised and maybe even shocked you?

What would that do to your sense of self?  How would that change your relationships?

I had the chance to answer those questions recently.

I was part of a 4-day experience called  'Enlightened Warrior Camp'.  It was filled with situations and challenges that forced me to come face to face with myself.

While I can't reveal the details (the value is in the personal experience), I can tell you that I fully understand how negative 'self talk' can paralyze you.

It reconfirmed that letting other people's opinions determine how you live your life means giving your life to them.

It demonstrated how the support of people who work together for the good of a group strengthens everyone in the group.

So, what does that have to do with communication?  EVERYTHING!

The first person you communicate with is you.  What are you saying and how does that determine the choices you make?

What does your mind tell you about YOU?

Do you talk yourself out of trying new things because...(you fill in the blank)? Do you define yourself based on who you were YEARS ago?

Do you have a clue what would be possible if you stopped thinking about what you SHOULD do?  What would happen if you ignored your 'mind' and did what your 'heart' told you?  Does the idea scare you?

Part of your mind's job is to keep you exactly where you are because that represents safety.  But staying 'safe' means you don't grow.  The only place growth happens is outside your comfort zone.

Tip: The next time your mind tries to 'help you' by making you question a decision, activity or situation that will open new doors for your growth, tell it 'Thank you for sharing, but I'm making another choice."  It's amazing how well that works.

You may discover a powerful person.  You may also discover that powerful people don't have to force anything.  They ARE a force by their very presence.

You may discover that's who you really are.

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  1. Guy

    Thanks for sharing - must have been a great workshop


"This workshop (Dynamic Communication) was excellent. It will definitely allow our team to work more effectively together, and better serve and communicate with key stakeholders in our region."
-Tony Jenkins
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"I was amazed by Annetta’s laser-focused approach. I got techniques and tips I could use immediately to improve my presentation skills. Her networking tips made me feel much more at ease in social settings. I highly recommend Annetta as a coach!"
-Larry F. Tobin
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