Your ability to clearly and confidently talk about yourself, your expertise and why people need you is the difference between getting more clients, more sales and making more money.Everything you do delivers a message. Would you know if you’re sending the wrong one?There is a secret to getting people interested and excited. Do you know it?As your presentation and communication skills coach and media trainer, I’ll guide you through the process of creating a compelling, laser-focused message and presentation that knocks their socks off!You can uncover the secrets of how to TALK about what you do as effortlessly as you DO what you do.

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You're Talking Before You Open Your Mouth

Your body language is speaking even when you’re not. You’d better know what you’re saying.

If the media called (or you had to make that crucial presentation today), would you be ready?

Who Can Benefit Most? Clients who want to:

  • Create a clear, compelling message about who they are and what they do in under 30 seconds
  • Handle media interviews like a seasoned veteran
  • Give a compelling speech in 60 seconds
  • Master the art of making powerful presentations
  • Handle hecklers, negative audiences or bad publicity
  • Eliminate confusion in personal and professional communication

55% of your communication is non-verbal, 38% is tone of voice and only 7% is WHAT YOU ACTUALLY SAY.

You’re communicating ALL THE TIME. Make it work for you!

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"This workshop (Dynamic Communication) was excellent. It will definitely allow our team to work more effectively together, and better serve and communicate with key stakeholders in our region."
-Tony Jenkins
Market President, Central Florida
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida


"I was amazed by Annetta’s laser-focused approach. I got techniques and tips I could use immediately to improve my presentation skills. Her networking tips made me feel much more at ease in social settings. I highly recommend Annetta as a coach!"
-Larry F. Tobin
Fairwinds Credit Union