“Ms. Wilson is the ultimate professional with a ‘no nonsense’ approach to getting it done. She is about her business and teaches her clients how to be about their business…She created an environment for our coaching so perfect, smooth and made us feel at ease. Ms. Wilson has an extraordinary gift for words and has the ability to really turn a frog into a prince and create amazing Cinderellas."

- Pia King, MSW, Business Coach

Presentation Skills Coaching

Everything you do delivers a message. How would you know if you’re sending the wrong one?

What are the signs that you’re turning people off and they’re tuning you out?

How other people perceive you is a major factor in your success or failure.

It’s not what you ‘mean’, but how people ‘receive’ it that creates the power behind your communication. Your reputation, business, job and relationships are on the line every time you’re in front of someone or on the phone.

Research says that 55% of our communication is non-verbal (body language), 38% is tone of voice and how fast or slowly we speak. The words account for only 7%!

When you’re on the phone, 85% of your communication is the pace and tone of your voice. Only 15% is what you actually say!

Unless you’re in a cave, you’re interacting with people all the time. The question is, how well are you doing it?

The good news is that you can learn the secrets to managing what’s happening in the room so you don’t risk boring people to death!

Presentation skills coaching helps you read the signals to know if you’re making a connection or if someone has mentally ‘checked out’.

Can you really afford to gamble with your image?

Contact us to get started: (321) 926.3181


Create a Product in 2 Hours: Done for You, Revenue Generating Interviews

(show off your expertise and gain instant credibility!)

When you hear someone being interviewed, you automatically assume they’re an expert on the topic.

Shouldn’t that be you?

A lively, dynamic and compelling interview in the hands of a pro immediately separates you from the crowd (and makes you sound as brilliant as you are). Talk about instant credibility!

The payoffs:

  • Firmly establish yourself as an expert
  • Create a product or ‘freebie’ to build your list
  • Proof that you handle media interviews like a pro
  • Share valuable information without sounding like you’re ‘selling’
  • Boost your marketing
  • Establish an instant connection with others
  • Become a walking ‘sound bite’ for your expertise

to find out more about this amazing tool!

As this was my first official and professional interview with someone of Ms. Wilson’s caliber, there were more than butterflies flipping in my stomach! Ms. Wilson has such a professional, no-nonsense style, yet she was calming and very supportive as well. She coached and promoted me in how the interview would flow and held my hand until I was ready to take off and fly right through the process. She also has a keen ear and can turn words and phrases around to flow into a perfect story. After my interview our business went to another level! Now my interview is a product that makes me money! If you are serious about what you do, who you are and you want your business to prosper...working with Annetta Wilson is an absolute must investment! Annetta, I can’t thank you enough!”

- James King, Owner PJ Travel Deals Tadow Diamond Seminars & Events

College Park, Maryland

"From the first moment I spoke to Annetta, I felt a connection and knew she was the right person for the job. Annetta made the process easy. She gave me a couple of brief assignments to focus my thinking for the interview, coached me on using my voice to portray my heartfelt emotion, and suggested improvements so my interview connected at a deeper level with my target audience. Very quickly, I was ready for the interview and knew it would be a success. Over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars on different programs that never worked. Without question, Annetta knows her stuff, and her experience in the broadcasting industry is priceless!"

-Tracey Fieber

Your Retirement Transition & Marketing to Boomers Consultant,

Creator of "Secrets to Retirement Success SystemTM"

Media Training

(more details on our 'workshops' page)

You’re in a room with white-hot lights, the camera is poised to capture your every nervous gesture and you’re sure the microphone can pick up your shallow breathing.

Oh, did I mention the reporter or interviewer staring at you armed with questions?

If that scenario makes you squirm even a little, you need media training.

Learn how to speak in ‘sound bytes’ (6 to 10 seconds), how to use your body language to your advantage, and discover techniques to keep the interview going where YOU want it to go.

You’ll even learn some of the tricks reporters use to catch you off guard.

Trainings are designed and customized for your unique needs and goals.

“Annetta Wilson is an extraordinary media coach. The wise advice I received from her in only two brief sessions has enabled me to polish my public presence, present myself in a more professional and compelling manner, make more money AND attract new clients! I'm a big fan of Annetta's direct and sincere approach to coaching, and I highly recommend her services!"


- Lane Robinson, MBA

“Annetta is our go-to media trainer for field managers here at AAA. Her ability to provide individual training in a small group setting is seamless. After each training managers compliment the sessions, saying it was one of the best trainings they’ve ever been to. Annetta’s attention to detail and ability to tweak the sessions as needed to accommodate each individual helps every manager leave with more confidence and skills than when they walked through the door.”

- Jessica Brady, AAA Spokeswoman

"Annetta! Annetta! You are amazing. Your preparation was invaluable to me. The radio talk show
host was unprepared and 'free styling' (her words). I was able to feed her questions and use the tools
you shared with me to stay in control of the interview! Without your help, I would not have had a clue how to do that. Thank you so much!"

- Kelly Campbell, Co-Founder, Real Estate Investor

Workshop Facilitation

If a workshop, retreat or seminar is going to be worth the expense and time, someone has to keep the agenda moving, keep everyone on track, manage the energy in the room and handle problems with grace.

A Certified Trainer, Annetta has facilitated conferences and workshops for groups who want to get the most out of those sessions when time and money matter.

Annetta was selected by Office Depot as the national emcee for its Success Strategies for Businesswomen Conference in six major U.S. cities.

Call or email to find out how your organization can join the list of satisfied clients.


(321) 926.3181

DISC™ Assessments

Ever wish you had a crystal ball that could tell you how to communicate with people who drive you nuts? !

That crystal ball is called the DISC™ Assessment.

Imagine the power in knowing how to predict someone's behavior in certain situations.

DISC™ is short for Dominance (how you handle problems), Influence (how you deal with people), Steadiness (how you respond to the pace of your environment) and Compliance (how you react to rules and procedures).

As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Annetta uses the DISC™ assessment to help individuals and teams communicate so that everyone is respected, everyone benefits and more gets accomplished.

The DISC™ helps you get a handle on communication nightmares in your professional and personal life.

Find out how to spot certain behaviors almost instantly, what to say and what NOT to say to someone based on his or her behavioral style.

Keynote Speaking

A motivated audience is an audience that makes things happen. How do you motivate a group? With a powerful speaker!

Annetta's mentors are masters of the art of public speaking (Les Brown, Richard Greene). She's been called one of the best by them both!

If you're looking for power, passion and the ability to move a crowd to action, call Annetta Wilson.

Additional information

All our services can be customized in workshops or seminars. Click here to learn more.

We use customized, copyrighted assessments for media training, DISC and personal success coaching.

Email us at:

Call us: (321) 926-3181


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"This workshop (Dynamic Communication) was excellent. It will definitely allow our team to work more effectively together, and better serve and communicate with key stakeholders in our region."
-Tony Jenkins
Market President, Central Florida
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida


"I was amazed by Annetta’s laser-focused approach. I got techniques and tips I could use immediately to improve my presentation skills. Her networking tips made me feel much more at ease in social settings. I highly recommend Annetta as a coach!"
-Larry F. Tobin
Fairwinds Credit Union