So You Want To Be A Star

Who Can Tell Your Story Better than You??

Whether you are marketing a product or selling a concept, sharing your personal expertise in an interview can make the difference between lackluster sales or killer sales.

When you hear someone being interviewed, you automatically assume they’re an expert on the topic, right?

Shouldn't that be you?

A lively, dynamic and sizzling interview in the hands of a pro immediately separates you from the crowd (and makes you sound as brilliant as you are). Talk about instant credibility!

As a 30-year veteran of TV news, I have conducted thousands of interviews. I have also trained on-air television journalists, Fortune 500 executives and Walt Disney World Ambassadors, so I know what makes a good interview – and what doesn’t.

When you are questioned about your expertise, you have the potential to be great, but you may lack the confidence and passion to seal the deal.

I’m convinced that to be successful in interviews, most people need a little coaching. With that added boost in confidence, you’ll remember your facts and project amazing charisma!

This gave me an idea...

Let’s create a way to boost your self confidence so you deliver your message powerfully and get the results you want.

When you have a great product, provide a great service, or support a great cause, you must promote it. When you offer your personal touch, the words in your marketing materials come alive. Interviews are a magnetic way to captivate your listeners.

Unfortunately, many people completely bomb in interviews. Some freeze, others mumble incoherently or speak in a boring, lifeless monotone. Some people are so unfocused and disorganized that the time is up before they get to the main point!

While it’s true that not everyone can be a gifted speaker, with the right coaching and preparation, you can give an attention-getting, dynamic interview.

Good interview subjects are made, not born! If this is true – and my 30 years of experience says it is – then good interviewing skills can be learned. This is why I developed…

Ultimate Client Generating Tool

You do want to show off your expertise and gain instant credibility, right?

You do want to win over your audience, don’t you? (Remember, people buy from people they know, like and trust)

I ‘m sure you’ve answered “yes” to these questions.

The Ultimate Client Generating Tool is what you’ve been looking for.

How do we get started?

The process is elegant and simple:

  • I review your materials (Web site, blog, bio, description of products/services etc.)
  • We meet TWICE by phone - once to brainstorm, assess and create your questions and topics; once to add the finishing touches and record your interview
  • After your interview, the link to your completed, done-for-you audio product will be emailed to you

What better way to use your time with minimal effort on your part?

As a former television news anchor, talk show host and reporter, I know what makes people perk up and pay attention. And I know the tricks to make you sound good. Your job is simply to show up, be the expert you are, and leave the rest to me!

How Can the “Ultimate Client Generating Tool” Turn You Into a Masterful Interview Subject?

The payoffs are MANY:

  • Firmly establish yourself as an expert
  • Create a money-making product
  • Create a ‘freebie’ to build your database
  • Prove that you handle media interviews like a pro
  • Share valuable information without sounding like you’re ‘selling’
  • Boost your marketing
  • Establish an instant “connection” with your listeners (potential clients)
  • Become a walking ‘sound bite’ for your expertise (reporters LOVE this!)

This is not a cookie cutter “question and answer” session. I explore the ins and outs of your unique business and expertise. You’ll walk away with the inside secrets to a great interview and I personally coach you through the entire process.

These are time-tested, creative ways to grab your listeners and not let go! Imagine yourself easily demonstrating your passion, expertise, and mastery!

"As this was my first official and professional interview with someone of Ms. Wilson’s caliber, there were more than butterflies flipping in my stomach! Ms. Wilson has such a professional, no-nonsense style, yet she was calming and very supportive as well. She coached and promoted me in how the interview would flow and held my hand until I was ready to take off and fly right through the process. She also has a keen ear and can turn words and phrases around to flow into a perfect story. After my interview our business went to another level! Now my interview is a product that makes me money! If you are serious about what you do, who you are and you want your business to prosper...working with Annetta Wilson is an absolute must investment! Annetta, I can’t thank you enough!” - James King, Owner
PJ Travel Deals Tadow Diamond Seminars & Events College Park, Maryland

Will this approach work for everyone?

You may know your product, but how you show up is everything.

If you’re one of those rare people who feel there’s no room to improve how you offer your product or service, the Ultimate Client Generating Tool is not for you.

I’ve learned over the years that the people who show up more polished and charismatic in interviews are the most sought after experts.

If you’re a great natural speaker and have proven that you can “wing it,” the Ultimate Client Generating Tool is a waste of your time.

Research shows that over half (55%) of your communication is non-verbal (body language), 38% is the tone of your voice and how fast or slowly you speak. The words are only 7%!

When people can’t see you (when you’re on the phone or when you’re recorded), 85% of your communication is the pace and tone of your voice. Only 15% is what you actually say.

This is especially true in interviews. If you believe your content is so valuable that people will automatically listen regardless of your presentation, you won’t benefit from the Ultimate Client Generating Tool.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you do not come away from our first session confident
that I will help you produce a captivating interview, I will refund your money.

Don't Waste Another Minute -

Get the Ultimate Client Generating Tool Now!

When your interview is featured in your advertising or on your Web site, you have created instant “expert” status.

With a professional interview, you can meet any demand for a short clip that showcases both you and your services.

Transform your interview into a compelling, enticing sales tool for the amazing investment of only $1497.

“From the first moment I spoke to Annetta, I felt a connection and knew she was the right person for the job. Annetta made the process easy. She gave me a couple of brief assignments to focus my thinking for the interview, coached me on using my voice to portray my heartfelt emotion, and suggested improvements so my interview connected at a deeper level with my target audience. Very quickly, I was ready for the interview and knew it would be a success. Over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars on different programs that never worked. Without question, Annetta knows her stuff, and her experience in the broadcasting industry is priceless!” - Tracey Fieber, Your Retirement Transition & Marketing to Boomers Consultant, Creator of "Secrets to Retirement Success System

Invest in Yourself Now - Only $1497

Yes, Annetta, I’m ready for this powerful
tool to boost my business!

One Time Investment of $1997


Invest over Time (3 payments of $697)

Here’s to your success!

Annetta Wilson, CMC

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"This workshop (Dynamic Communication) was excellent. It will definitely allow our team to work more effectively together, and better serve and communicate with key stakeholders in our region."
-Tony Jenkins
Market President, Central Florida
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida


"I was amazed by Annetta’s laser-focused approach. I got techniques and tips I could use immediately to improve my presentation skills. Her networking tips made me feel much more at ease in social settings. I highly recommend Annetta as a coach!"
-Larry F. Tobin
Fairwinds Credit Union