“Annetta respects her clients’ time, money and prepares them for "prime time" media. She is a "hands on" instructor who teaches concrete skills and provides "mock" camera sessions (with a professional videographer). The confidence that I achieved as a client of Annetta's is priceless; and I will definitely use her again.” Linda Burke-Galloway, MD, MS, FACOG, Author, ‘The Smart Mother's Guide to a Better Pregnancy’

Presentation Skills Workshop:

(Sorry to burst your bubble, but it IS how you show up!)

“Annetta, I had no idea what I was in for this morning. As a professional speaker, I wasn't sure how much 'new' I would gain. WOW!! I was truly inspired by your presentation and, most importantly, by your dynamic personality. Every once in a while you meet people who you know are living their highest purpose. That's you! Looking SO forward to learning more from you.” Josh Elledge, Entrepreneur CEO,

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful session you gave us…! You taught me so much and gave me confidence beyond what I can explain in words!! It was the best learning experience that I have had in years!!!” Diana J. Hamilton, Accounting Supervisor, CNL Group Services, Inc.

Everything you do delivers a message. How would you know if you're sending the wrong one?

What are the signs that you're turning people off and they're tuning you out?

How other people perceive you is a major factor in your success or failure.

It's not what you 'mean', but how people 'receive' it that creates the power behind your communication. Your reputation, business, job and relationships are on the line every time you're in front of someone or on the phone.

Research says that 55% of our communication is non-verbal (body language), 38% is tone of voice and how fast or slowly we speak. The words account for only 7%!

When you're on the phone, 85% of your communication is the pace and tone of your voice. Only 15% is what you actually say!

Unless you’re in a cave, you’re interacting with people all the time. The question is, how well are you doing it?

The good news is that you can learn the secrets to managing what's happening in the room so you don't risk boring people to death!

Presentation skills coaching helps you read the signals to know if you're making a connection of if someone has mentally ‘checked out’.

Can you really afford to gamble with your image?

"You've Got Less Than 15 Seconds. Impress Me!"
(How to Give the Perfect Elevator Speech)

"I was tired of…giving my elevator speech and not getting a response from the listener. So I enrolled in Annetta's '15 seconds; Impress me!' webinar and the results were immediate. One week after the webinar series concluded, I delivered my new 30-second commercial at a BNI 'open' meeting and walked away with 2 appointments. Annetta is a master communicator and she's committed to your 'getting it.' Your business starts with your ability to impress prospects; I have found no one who is better at helping you craft your message than Annetta Wilson." Marty Warner, MBA-Marketing, Licensed Business Coach, Owner, "What's YOUR Pain Point?" LLC “

Do you have the perfect, unforgettable answer to the question, "What do you do?"  And can you say it in under 15 seconds?
Instead, do you end up sounding like you're reading your resume or job description?

Even worse, do you sound like everybody else?

In this workshop, you'll discover a step-by-step system to create a short, unusual and sometimes quirky reply to the question “What do you do?”
This is for you even if you know what you do, but you're still trying to get laser-focused on your target market and how to talk to them.

The last thing you want to do is bore people to death or make them feel you’re trying to ‘sell’ them!

In this  workshop you’ll discover:

  • The four essential ‘P’s of an elevator speech
  • How making your pitch too soon can torpedo you
  • How to use ‘emotional’ language to make your point
  • 5 things that can instantly sabotage your elevator speech

Find out how to confidently talk about yourself or your work in a way that starts a conversation, not ends one!

Dynamic Communication™

"Annetta Wilson's Dynamic Communication workshop was eye-opening for our team in terms of better understanding and respecting behavioral differences...we have greater team synergy and a better quality work product, and Annetta's workshop made all the difference." - Cari H. Coats, former Chief Operating Officer, CNL Real Estate Advisors

"Thank you for an informative, entertaining, awesome presentation! You have cleared up a problem I was having with my work colleague. I now understand him much better and I know we'll get along better now, with this knowledge you've given me. Great!" - Sterling Harris, Principal Trainer, Resurgent Thinking; Director, D.C. Institute of Neuro-Semantics

This workshop is a MUST if you manage people or work in teams!

All of us have a behavioral 'style':

Some of us like to ‘get to the point’, others need ‘details and time to process’, others need to ‘feel like a part of the team’ and some simply want to be left alone to ‘crunch the numbers and deal with the data’.

If you don't know the secret to communicating with everyone in the room, you've got one big mess on your hands!

One of my clients called her staff an “ Island of misfit toys”. If that sounds like your nightmare, this workshop is just what the doctor ordered.

Based on the DISC™ assessment, you learn how to identify your behavioral style and the styles of everyone with whom you interact.

DISC™ (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) reveals how you handle problems, people, the pace of your environment and rules and procedures.

It's based on observable behavior and emotions, not personality. The DISC™ is race and gender neutral. It is not specific or unique to any country or culture and can be used universally.

Each participant completes the assessment online prior to the workshop.

"At first I was skeptical about this process, but I was surprised with the depth of detail derived from the simple questionnaire and how accurate it was...." -Horacio Ruiz, Graduate Student, University of Central Florida DeVos Sport Business Management Program

('Dynamic Communication' is a trademark of Target Training International, Ltd.)

Media Training:

You're a high-profile personality, run a business or organization, are an elected official (or want to be), a high level manager or could end up in the public eye in ANY way, this is for you.

What problems are waiting to torpedo you?  Who does the talking in a crisis?  What do you say?

What if you've already been burned?

This workshop helps you avoid a public relations or media nightmare.

It's designed to head off potential communication problems unique to you, your organization or your specific situation.

Our trainings are conducted in one-on-one private sessions or in groups.

An extremely hands-on experience, you’ll be critiqued on your voice and body language (which, by the way, is a dead giveaway to how well you’re getting your message across).

You'll be given techniques that put YOU in charge and help you stay in control.

Media training is custom-designed for the unique needs of your business, organization or you as an individual.   The services of a professional videographer can be added to this workshop. Cookie-cutter training is not our style. You’re assured that you’re getting EXACTLY what you need.

"Annetta, I gained more from your presentation than any others we've had...and I could tell by the group's reaction, that they felt the same way.
This was exactly what we've been yearning for: an insight and behind-the-scenes look at the media, as well as the spin you created on our pitches – REMARKABLE!
You've made me look deeper and think harder into better presenting our stories and how they can benefit the community."

Christine Stickney, Communications Manager

Hospice of the Comforter

“Annetta is our go-to media trainer for field managers here at AAA. Her ability to provide individual training in a small group setting is seamless. After each training managers compliment the sessions, saying it was one of the best trainings they’ve ever been to. Annetta’s attention to detail and ability to tweak the sessions as needed to accommodate each individual helps every manager leave with more confidence and skills than when they walked through the door.”
- Jessica Brady, AAA Spokeswoman

The Art of Networking: The Ultimate ‘Social’ Investment!

"Annetta...your style is engaging, filled with humor and concrete ways to help in networking. Just what we need with our workshops!" Brian Henties, Program Manager, Rollins College Philanthropy Center

Get the most from business gatherings, parties and "working" a room by learning the art of successful networking.

It's more than collecting business cards.  Networking builds relationships that ultimately benefit your career, your business and/or your organization's mission.

Learn to mingle, read body language, build rapport and think on your feet without your Power Point and handouts!

Participants put the techniques into practice on the spot during this interactive workshop!


If a workshop, retreat or seminar is going to be worth the time and expense, someone has to keep the agenda moving, make sure everyone’s on track and handle problems with grace.

A Certified Trainer, Annetta has facilitated conferences and workshops for companies and organizations who want to get the most out of those sessions, especially when time and money matter.

Call or email to find out how your organization can join her list of satisfied clients.

Additional workshops:

We create customized workshops with attention to your unique needs and objectives.

Click on our 'services' link. Our services can be conducted in customized workshops

Email or call us to learn more.

(321) 926.3181

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"This workshop (Dynamic Communication) was excellent. It will definitely allow our team to work more effectively together, and better serve and communicate with key stakeholders in our region."
-Tony Jenkins
Market President, Central Florida
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida


"I was amazed by Annetta’s laser-focused approach. I got techniques and tips I could use immediately to improve my presentation skills. Her networking tips made me feel much more at ease in social settings. I highly recommend Annetta as a coach!"
-Larry F. Tobin
Fairwinds Credit Union